In more detail here's three things
about me that you
may or may not be interested in

The First Thing

I've been coding since I was 14. I started with HTML 1 on a Windows XP with a an even older code editor made for Windows 98 (links added in case you've never heard of those operating systems)! Then I progressed on to CSS and PHP.

The Second Thing

About a year later I started designing graphics as I needed them for my own projects. I now use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator almost every day.

The Third Thing

As time went on I picked up JavaScript and WordPress, a popular CMS. I am currently learning Angular, Node.js and GIT. I now spend my time managing Hasafah LTD, building cool things with WordPress, writing tech articles and playing the guitar.

In their own words...

What people say about me

  • Thanks for completing my job so promptly, great work!
  • Very Quick, Great freelancer! love to work with him again.
  • You can not hire anyone better.
  • Great work and sincerity.

Five random things about me

  1. I once wrote 60 WordPress articles in two weeks.
  2. It's my dream to be a film maker and I currently working on a story with a producer friend of mine.
  3. I love to travel and I have lived in 6 different houses (I think, lost count) all over the world.
  4. Even though I build websites for a living it has taken me till 2016 to finally build a website for myself that I am happy with (this one).
  5. The spicier the better!